Filter Applications

NTZ Filters: Applications

From hydraulic power units to military tanks, from street sweepers to earthmoving equipment, practically any application that uses oil or fuel is suitable for NTZ Radial Micro Filtration. If your equipment uses hydraulic oil, lubrication oil, transmission oil, transformer oil, thermal oil or fuel oil, then we can save you money and downtime with our filter systems. Research has proven that effective, offline filtration extends equipment lifetime by up to 6 times or more. Below are some examples of the industries / applications that NTZ can be used for.


In industry, people have to rely on the machinery for production. It's a well known fact that 80% of all breakdowns can be traced back to contaminated oil. Bearings, seals, cylinders, valves, gearboxes and other components run better and longer when the oil that's lubricating these components is clean. By applying an NTZ micro filter, the oil is cleaned to an exceptional level, even better than that of new oil. All NTZ users experience less breakdowns and better production performance, which ultimately results in greater profitability.



In the marine industry, NTZ radial micro filtration has already been used for more than 30 years. NTZ filters are used on hydraulic and engine applications aboard pleasure yachts, cruise ships, cargo transportation vessels and fishing vessels.

Over 50% of normal engine wear can be attributed to contaminants in the oil and deposits on engine components. Engine oil contamination contributes to:

In order to combat these problems, a specific solution is needed. By using NTZ filtration systems, our customers have experienced:

Off Shore

off shore

There are many uses for NTZ in the offshore industry. From supply ships to cranes on platforms, NTZ can be used as part of a preventative maintenance plan to save money and downtime.




Nearly all wind turbines are fitted with a gearbox to convert between slowly rotating, high torque power from the wind turbine rotor - and high speed, low torque power, which you use for the generator. NTZ can help to prolong the life of the gearbox oil and components, improving the reliability and maintaining the performance of the turbine.