From shears to balers, grabs to trommels, there's usually some form of hydraulic equipment on any recycling site. High and low volume producers alike rely on their equipment to process materials as quickly as possible. After all, time is money. That's where NTZ radial micro filtration comes in.

Most recycling sites are open to the elements, and the machinery is exposed to all sorts of contamination from the surrounding atmosphere. This can be in several forms, including moisture from the air, which is drawn into the tanks though the filler breather, and microscopic debris from the recycling process, which can enter a system in any number of ways. Once contamination has entered the system, the wear and tear of vital components begins to take place and can snowball if not kept in check. Conventional filtration is not designed to remove this type of contamination, but an NTZ filter system can, ensuring that critical components such as valves, seals, pumps and motors are protected from the wear and tear process associated with dirty oil. Not only that, but oil life is significantly prolonged, frequently by four times or more.

NTZ is currently in use in several metal recycling and paper recycling sites in the UK.